Zeyshare Studios is a provider of digital services.
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Bucharest, Romania
New York. NY
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Services provided:

  • venture builder (concept stage to fully operational start-up)
  • venture capital financing consulting
  • web development (website creation)
  • branding (concept, descriptions, content, slogans, logos)
  • design (logos, web design, social media graphics, display & video ads, digital presentations)
  • digital marketing (SEO – search engine optimization, social media channels, display & video advertising, Email marketing, Content marketing)
  • maintenance (website monitoring, web hosting on US-based server

Bidvilla.co  is a bidding platform where home buyers request offers based on a range of features, while homeowners have 15 days to bid their lowest selling price. It is reversing the traditional real estate process by bringing the sellers to the buyers with their best selling offer.

By doing this Bidvilla enables users to sell a home in as fast as 15 days with the right bid or buy a home at a fair price.

Bidvilla | Sell & buy homes fast & fair



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